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October Remix Releases

MP3 download: http://bit.ly/cdf68S

Miss Nirvana Savoury is back! This time she hits the dance floor hard with myself and Jester - North America's most versatile DJ and key member of Clinton Sparks' Smash Squad. Get your fist pump on! Here is "Ambulance" by Nirvana Savoury. Produced by Jester and yours truly, de la Vega.

Keep an eye out! Her EP is shaping up to be something...umm...sexy and fiery! =)

MP3 download: http://bit.ly/bW9XNH

Over the summer, Starting from Scratch and I teamed up with Toronto based independent label Do Right! Music to produce a fresh remix for one of their headliners - Maylee Todd. I've had the great pleasure of meeting her and seeing her perform. She's an enthusiastic, eclectic and quirky songstress with no shortage of creativity. Here is the remix of "Summer Sounds" off her debut album "Choose Your Own Adventure".

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Latest tracks by <+> de la Vega

Artists, producers, musicians, DJ's - have you ever been asked the question, "Where can I hear more of your stuff?" - of course you have.

Enter SoundCloud.com. This is a serious, no frills, straightforward and FREE site where you can showcase your music and network with others in the industry. Right off your page people can play your music, download it, watch the video, buy it, leave timed comments and even embed it on their blogs (like I did up top).

My team is all on SoundCloud. Think you should be? It's definitely worth taking advantage of.

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Starting from Scratch & de la Vega - Official "Focused" Remix

World famous DJ Starting from Scratch and yours truly started this month on a high note with our "Ribbon In the Sky (2010 Mixes)". Now we're ending it on another high note with the official remix to Agile & Liya's soulful R&B hit "Focused"

We took this track to another level - another arena if you will. It's definitely something you'd hear at a rollerskating jam. It's got that bounce...that funk...and as Agile tweeted "...it just has that STANK on it!". 

Go ahead and enjoy this release! Spread good music!
(click the down arrow in the player to download the remix free)


Starting from Scratch & de la Vega - "Ribbon In the Sky (2010 Mixes)"

House music lovers, it's finally here!

I've teamed up with world famous DJ Starting from Scratch to bring you a smooth soulful house rendition of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs "Ribbon In the Sky". It has already caused a huge buzz on the radio and in the clubs so now we officially release it to you! If you want to find out more about the track keep reading, otherwise go ahead and download it!

Enjoy and spread good music!

I've always loved house music, in fact that's how I started getting into production in the early 90's. I needed to refresh and update myself so Starting from Scratch recommended I hit up one of his parties. Long story short, this project was inspired after attending my first ever "Sweet Tears" event (hence why there is a Sweet Tears mix). This party is all about celebrating great house music. I heard everything from deep, to soulful to tribal and then some. I loved every minute and couldn't wait to hit the studio the next day. I now have the house bug again...house music ALL...NIGHT...LONG!

The event is hosted by DJ Starting from Scratch and house giant Tyrone Solomon of 83 West Records. Great people and even greater vibe at Sweet Tears. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one, REACH!

Keep checking back here or on my YouTube page because there's a lot more bangers coming from Starting from Scratch and myself!


Fast Life

Ryan Leslie is back on the studio vid tip! 

Taken from his twitter: "Subscribe to my youtube channel. I am in movie mode. From now on, everything I do will be made into a movie: http://bit.ly/bYSWK0"
Good...I'm glad. If I ever came across a creative slump, all I had to do was watch a few of his videos. I'd be inspired to write, stay focused and keep grinding. Here's his latest vid "Fast Life".


New Summer Jams!!

Here we go folks! The squad brings you some new tracks to heat up this already hot summer! LET'S GO!!

Shannon Alvares - "Where to Go"

Definitely a unique track produced by DJ Starting from Scratch and myself! Recently getting regular rotation on Toronto's Flow 93.5FM, bumped by DJ's on KISS 92.5FM and in clubs all over the country, it has been getting great reviews in such a short time. With Shannon's smooth and sexy vocals throughout the verses and fist pumping energy in the choruses, this one will surely have you bumpin'!


Naya Marie - "My Heart" (Remix)

Just in time for Caribana, Naya Marie teams up with Jester and myself to bring you what could be this summer's ladies anthem! Playing off of Wayne Marshall's dancehall smash "My Heart", Naya answers back like a silk glove with a brick inside it! Ladies, I know a lot of you will relate and I'll see y'all in the clubs with one hand up as this record blasts!


*** DJ's, if you'd like the DJ Pack for any of these bangers, hit me up!